How Credentials Benefit Your Company

Posted By: Krystal Humphrey Education,

How NAAEI Credentials Benefit Your Company

When the topic of employees earning credentials is brought up to decision-makers, the most common response is, “if we pay for employees to earn a credential, they’ll leave our company.” The follow-up question is, “What happens if we don’t train our employees and they stay?” Without education and training, employees lack the skills they need to be more productive, to be promotable, and to be company assets.

Four reasons why employees holding professional credentials benefit your company:

1. Credentials lead to happier employees and employee retention
When you invest in employees by offering credentials, employees become more engaged and are more likely to seek advancement opportunities within your company.

2. Credentials help employees build greater confidence in their performance
Credentialed employees learn the importance of adhering to professional standards and are more likely to meet industry benchmarks and deliver high-quality work.

3. Credentials give your clients and residents greater confidence in your company
Clients and residents feel secure in knowing that credentialed employees have demonstrated a standard level of skills, experience, and expertise.

4. Credentials boost productivity
Credentials prepare employees for day-to-day challenges, positively impact efficiency and improve team productivity.

Four ways to offer credential programs if your company is unable to offer credentials to all employees:

1. Offer credentials to the high performers that you want to retain and promote.

2. Offer credentials to employees who have met company performance goals.

3. Offer credentials to commemorate years of service.

4. Consider paying 50% or 75% of the cost to earn a credential which allows you to credential more employees.

Ask employees to sign an agreement that if they leave your company within 2 years, they agree to pay your company back for the cost of their credentials. After 6 months, 75% of the cost, after one year, 50% of the cost. What supervisors recognized when employees completed NAAEI credential program:

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