Apartment Onsite Teams Day

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You may have seen an email from NAA talking about Onsite Teams Day. With all that our industry has been through, it is apparent that the onsite teams have been true superstars through all of it. They have gone above and beyond their duties and embodied what it means to be an essential worker, and we feel like they should be celebrated.

NAA has designated Wednesday, August 12th as Onsite Teams Day and we hope that you will all take part in showing appreciation for your frontline workers.

How to celebrate

While we can't all be together, there are a number of things you can do to show your teams how much you value their contributions during this crazy time. You can access NAA's Onsite Teams Day Toolkit via the button below and it will give you ideas and graphics to help plan your appreciation celebration.


Onsite Teams Day Flyer

NAA has created a customizable Onsite Teams Day flyer for members to use. We encourage you to download the flyer and add your company logo and include details of how you plan to celebrate your onsite teams on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.

Sample Social Media Posts

NAA has created several social media posting samples for members to use in recognition of their onsite teams. 

Celebration Ideas

  • Social Media Shoutout

Use NAA's sample social media posts and/or graphics in recognizing your community onsite teams on August 12, 2020. Encourage your teams to post pictures using #APTeamsDay.

  • Promote #APTeamsDay on your company website.

Using NAA's digital ads linked above, promote Onsite Teams Day on your website with a picture of your onsite team(s).

  • Giveaways

Put together a small gift box for your onsite team. Given them a gift card for coffee, or their favorite restaurant. 

  • Yard Signs/Flyers

Arrange for yard signs to be placed on your property or post flyers around the community to raise awareness about #APTeamsDay.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate our onsite team members, share your celebration with us on social media using the official hashtag: #APTeamsDay.