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Apartment Community

Apartment Community Members are the local apartment community's physical site. Your investment is based on the number of units at each community that is joining.

If you are interested in a Property Management Membership or have single-family homes, please contact Bonnie at (813)882-0222 ext. 201 or for specific membership information. 

Please see the chart below for updated 2024 dues information. 

2024 Dues Information:



0-49 Units

$175 (Flat fee)

50-299 Units

$3.95 per unit

300-749 Units

$3.75 per unit

750+ Units

$3.55 per unit


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Property Management Company

Property Management Company Members are those who professionally own, develop or manage Apartment Communities in the Bay Area and who desire to receive information about Association activities at the corporate office and sign up corporate personnel for events and education. Annual investment: $120

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Supplier Partners

Supplier Partner Members are those companies that provide goods and services to our Community and Property Management/Owner Members. Annual investment for 2024: $530 (including the $35 Advance The Industry contribution). There is a $25 application fee.

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