NAAEI Designation Renewals

Posted By: Krystal Humphrey Education,

Congratulations! You have earned your professional designation through BAAA and NAA! Every year, you will need to submit your Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s) to NAA.

A CEC is one hour of continuing education with meals and breaks excluded. All CECs required for the renewal period must be earned the previous year. For example, for the 2023 renewal you will report CECs earned during 2022. CECs earned in 2021 will be not accepted. 

Continuing education credits are needed for all NAAEI designations that require annual renewal and are required to maintain AIME membership. This includes CAM, CALP, CAPS, CAS, and AIME. If you are unsure of the amount you need, check on your renewal invoice. Please submit the entire number of CECs required in one submission to ensure that your CECs are recorded accurately. Please note: CAMT is a lifetime credential and does not require CECs for renewal.

CEC Requirements:

  • CAM - 8 CECs annually
  • CALP - 5 CECs annually
  • CAPS - 8 CECs annually
  • CAS - 5 CECs annually
  • AIME - 5 CECs annually
  • CAMT - 0 CECs annually

Individuals who hold multiple NAAEI designations may use the same CECs for the renewal of all designations and AIME. The total number of CECs that you must report is indicated on your invoice. 

CEC Submission Form NAA Renewal Website CEC Frequently Asked Questions

At least half of your CECs MUST be from the following sources:
  • NAA Conference sessions (live or recorded)
  • Any course or seminar offered by BAAA
  • Serving on a BAAA board or committee (1 CEC per board or committee and a maximum of 3 used per year)
  • Participation in an apartment industry legislative event (each event counts for 1 CEC)
Not Accepted:
  • Corporate in-house training - For example: Classroom or online training required or offered through your company.
  • Any courses, seminars or trainings that do not meet the criteria listed in the two sections above.
  • CECs earned more than one year prior to the year you are renewing. For example, for the 2023 renewal, only CECs earned during 2022 will be accepted.