Lighthouse Sponsor Feature: First Onsite Property Restoration

Posted By: Bonnie Gibson Membership,

Q:  Give us a brief history of your company:

A:  We are FIRST ONSITE, a North American leader in property restoration and reconstruction. Our speed, scope and commitment to safety are unmatched, but it’s our extraordinary service that makes the biggest difference. Our local operations are backed by extensive national resources, so that we can be first to arrive and first to make a difference for communities and businesses across the continent. With expansive resources and experience, we’ll get you back to work and life, no matter what. It’s our goal to be the only property restoration partner our clients ever need. Together, we help you Restore, Rebuild, and Rise. 

Q: What makes your company different from your competition?

A:  Size, scale, and experience. Our people are our biggest strength. We bring decades of experience to every multifamily residential job. We pride ourselves on being a single-source multifamily restoration company. We know how important it is to help operators ensure business continuity, while minimizing disruptions to residents and staff. We also understand the importance of completing work on time and on budget. We bring consistent communication and service across entire portfolios and offer turnkey service with seamless transition from demo to reconstruction, 24/7/365.

Q:  Tell us your favorite part of serving the multifamily industry. 

A: We love multifamily! And it’s that word, family, the family that is BAAA. Collectively, our passion for doing good while doing good work is deeply woven into who we are, and our residents see it. The way we express our values takes on many forms, and we encourage everyone to find their own way to serve and give back while we support one another in an effort to be the best. Every act of kindness—large or small—makes a difference, enriches lives, and helps us build a better community. We work hard, have fun, and make friends along the way!