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Supplier BayPass Education Annual Subscription Paid Monthly (Suppliers)


Supplier BayPass Education Annual Subscription Paid Monthly (Suppliers)

The BayPass program is exclusively available to BAAA member communities and companies! Participating in the BAAA program keeps your standard education program costs low, predictable, and provide a tremendous ROI for the community. Your team will have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers, expand their knowledge base and skill set, and dramatically expand their professional growth within your company!

  • Each member of the participating apartment community/supplier company's staff can attend as many (no limits) BayPass qualifying webinars, in-person seminars, or live cast seminars as they want for FREE including marketing, leasing, maintenance, landlord/tenant law, Fair Housing, and much more!


  • $100 discount off Designation Programs (CAM, CAPS, CAMT, NALP), and 10% off certification programs (CPO, EPA).
  • Access to the Virtual Learning Library to rewatch all recorded classes. Perfect for new hires!

It is the on-site teams' responsibility to register for all courses on the website using the provided code at

Questions about BayPass? Email Krystal Humphrey, Director of Programs at

Member Price: $50/mo ($600/yr)