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Your November units Digital Edition

Posted By: Courtney Ferm (deleted) Industry News ,

Your November edition of units magazine is here!

Featured article:

We all know which places of business that we frequent have strong company cultures (Whole Foods, Nordstrom, In-and-Out Burger) and which do not (perhaps the company you last worked for?). Positive attitudes really do make a difference for anyone during their decision-making process on where to go or to spend money. Culture, too, is something often asked about during a job interview. You want to work at a place that is uplifting rather than deflating. This can also apply to onsite property management – because residents who are surrounded by cheerful employees who love their jobs can lead to higher resident retention rates. LMC knows all about this. Read “Increase ROI by Investing in Your Culture” by Lucy Simone, its Senior Vice President of Associate Development and Staffing.