Webinar on St. Pete Police Changes

Posted By: Eric Garduño Advocacy News , Industry News ,
Changes in St. Pete Policing Practices Discussed

On February 17, 2021, BAAA hosted a webinar featuring Megan McGee, Police Special Projects Manager from the St. Petersburg Police Department and Terri Balliet, Chief Operating Officer of Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services to discuss the roll out the new Community Assistance and Life Liaison (CALL) Program. A copy of the webinar is available below.

CALL is a pilot program that will initially embed clinical staff and community navigators from Gulf Coast in police units to handle some of subset of 911 calls, such as intoxication, drug overdose, mental health crisis, suicide intervention, truancy, homeless complaints, and neighborhood disputes.  As the program gains experience, it is anticipated that certain 911 calls will be handled completely by Gulf Coast staff. 

As part of this webinar, the presenters made clear that they want CALL to be a community partnership and invited all BAAA members to connect with Gulf Coast and their staff, with hopes that Gulf Coast can address some issues apartment community managers may be aware before police are needed.  To this end, BAAA may organize additional opportunities for members to connect with Gulf Coast staff.  

For more information on the program, please view this flyer or visit the Community Assistance and Life Liaison Program page.