Webinar and Materials: Pinellas Eviction Diversion Update

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Webinar Recording and Materials: Pinellas Eviction Diversion Update

On March 23rd BAAA hosted an informational webinar to discuss the Pinellas Eviction Diversion Program (PEDP), a program implemented by the Community Law Program.  The PEDP provides landlord/tenant mediations, and through this process can provide rental assistance to households experiencing a financial hardship due to the COVID emergency.  The webinar featured Mercy Roberg, Staff Attorney for the Community Law Program who as well as BAAA member Tracy Mater, Senior Vice President of CHAF, who provided brief remarks regarding CHAF's experience with PEDP mediations.  A copy of the recording is below and a copy of the PowerPoint presentation is AVAILABLE HERE.


BAAA previously hosted a similar webinar on the PEDP, and the March 23rd webinar covers key updates to the program (like lease renewals), as well as a general overview of the program.  The PEDP was created to mediate resolutions between landlords and residents going through the eviction process.  With the onset of the COVID emergency, the PEDP was given access to funding to resolve outstanding rental debt for residents who experienced a hardship due to the pandemic. In short, the PEDP provides mediation at no cost if residents and landlords meet eligibility. Mediators serve as a neutral third party to work with residents and landlords to try to resolve the dispute. Landlords or residents can initiate the process, participation in the program is voluntary, and any resolution developed during mediation must be mutually accepted by both parties before anything can be binding. The program continues to receive funding for this purpose and is playing an important role in helping residents catch up on rent in arrears. 

Additional background information is AVAILABLE HERE.