Webinar and Materials: Pasco HEART Program - Landlord Liaison

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Webinar Recording and Materials: Pasco HEART Program - Landlord Liaison

On Thursday, March 25 BAAA hosted an informational webinar on the Pasco HEART program, which provides up to 15 months of rental assistance to residents financially impacted by the COVID emergency.  The webinar featured information on working with the program's Landlord Liaison, who was recently brought on to help landlords apply for rental assistance on behalf of residents.  Presenters included Marcy Esbjerg, Director of Community Development, Theresa Picknick, Program Coordinator, and Kelly Miller, the County's new Landlord Liaison.  A video of the webinar is available below and a copy of the PowerPoint presentation is AVAILABLE HERE.

Pasco County provided both landlord and tenant application packets.

The packets must be completely filled out in order to apply for this rental assistance and both packets were discussed during the presentation.  Landlord Liaison Kelly Miller has also offered in-person/onsite visits to any apartment communities who would like to host her.  During this visit, Ms. Miller will be able to help residents and apartment community staff fill out required forms, collect required documents, and generally assist all in navigating the application process.  You can reach Ms. Miller at kamiller@MyPasco.net or leave a message at (727) 834-3447 to request a visit or if you have any other questions regarding the landlord application process.  


Pasco County initiated its Pasco HEART (Helping with Emergency Assistance Relief for Tenants) program earlier this month, which allows residents financially impacted by the COVID emergency to apply for up to 15 months of rental assistance.  There is no dollar cap on the amount of assistance each resident may receive.  The program is limited to residents making under 80% Area Median Income (AMI), based on household size, and priority will be given to residents making below 50% AMI or who have been unemployed for 90 days or more.  Residents may submit applications for assistance through periodic open windows on the County's website or through one of eleven different non-profit organizations the County is partnering with. You can learn more about the current resident application process for Pasco HEART HERE.

Recently, Pasco County has brought on a landlord liaison to interface directly with landlords and their residents, and to help both through the application process. Working with the liaison, landlords will be able to submit applications for assistance on behalf of residents.  To apply on behalf of residents, landlords will first have to get a signed authorization from their residents and will be responsible for colleting and submitting the resident's required documentation.  Alternatively, the liaison could work directly with residents to collect their required documentation.