Webinar and Materials - Sarasota County Rental Assistance

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Webinar Recording and Materials: Sarasota County Rental Assistance

On Wednesday, May 19, BAAA hosted an informational webinar on the Sarasota County Emergency Rental Assistance Program, which provides up to 15 months of rental assistance to residents financially impacted by the COVID emergency.  The webinar featured information on resident eligiblity and provided a walk through of applciation process for landlords.  Our presenter was Laurel Varnell, Program Manager with Sarasota County Government.  A video of the webinar is available below.

If you have multiple residents in need of assistance, you may want to consider having an ERAP ambassador come out to your community to help your residents through the application process.  If you are interested in this, you can make arrangements with Laurel Varnell by directly emailing her at lvarnell@scgov.net

Sarasota County has also provided information sheets to familiarize residents with the program, as well as program flyers to post on social media.  These documents are AVAILABLE HERE.