Valet Trash, Impact Fees & Mayors

Posted By: Robert Griffiths (deleted) Advocacy News , Industry News ,

As of this date, there has been no final decision on the trash valet service containers. There have been several meetings with the State Fire Marshal and all sides have weighed in on ideas and proposed language to the State Fire Code which will be revised at the end of this year.

The size of the containers for residents and the fire ratings of the containers are issues still to be finalized by the State Fire Marshal. We will continue to monitor this matter and provide updates when they become available and/or the new code is decided.

Pasco County’s School Impact Fees have been finalized by the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners resulting in a 125% increase for Multifamily Developers. The increase may slow down or extend the building time for bringing these new properties on-line.

There has been discussion that along Route 19 north and south of State Road 54 that more growth is needed for multifamily development in this area of Pasco County. Commissioner Jack Mariano has expressed hope that there may be opportunities for apartment builders to offset some of the development costs recognizing that schools in the area are not operating at full capacity at this time.

November 7th is the date when the city of St. Petersburg will elect a new Mayor to lead this active and energetic city forward into the next decade. Both candidates have already served their community as Mayor.

Now the citizens of St. Pete will make their own choice and select a new leader to raise the bar for the next four years and move forward – not spending any time looking back over their collective shoulders.


-Robert Griffiths
BAAA Government Affairs Director