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Advocacy Update: Hillsborough County Stormwater Assessment

Posted By: Eric Garduño Advocacy News ,

On Thursday, September 5, the Hillsborough County Commission voted on a final stormwater assessment plan.  This plan largely mirrored the requests made in our letter to the Commission.  The plan includes:

- Significantly reducing the maximum assessment allowed;
- Spreading the assessment increase over five year (instead of three);
- Adopting the change in the County’s proposed plan that reduced the assigned ERU to apartment units from 0.5 to 0.33;
- Directing County staff to develop a system of mitigation credits for private infrastructure that reduces/eliminates stormwater.

Overall, this is a very positive outcome.   We expect the mitigation credit plan will be developed over the next several months and available for the 2020 assessment.  We will stay on top of this effort and provide input as the mitgation credit plan is developed.

This below table and graph below compares the stormwater assessment for apartment units that was originally proposed by County staff to what was was ulimtatley adopted by the County Commission.  



Original Plan Proposed by County

Final Plan Adopted by Commission