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Upcoming Actions by Local Jurisdictions - September 3, 2019

Posted By: Eric Garduño Advocacy News ,

Below is an overview of near term actions under consideration by local governments within BAAA’s 12 county area.  Please alert Eric Garduño, Government Affairs Director, at if you consider any of these possible actions a high priority for BAAA advocacy.  Decisions on which matters BAAA will take advocacy positions on will be determined by Eric, in consultation with the Government Affairs Committee, President, and Executive Director.  If you are aware of other actions being considered by local governments that will affect the Multifamily industry, please alert Eric at your earliest convenience. 

Polk County is considering changes to its impact fees.
Information Available Here
News Story Available Here

City of Lakeland is considering a 8.03% increase to the millage rate, bringing it to 5.6944 mills.
Information Available Here

City of Safety Harbor is considering keeping its millage rate at 3.95.

City of St. Pete Beach is considering a 7% increase to the wastewater service fee.
Information Available Here (page 92)

City of St. Pete Beach is considering a 20% increase to the reclaimed water monthly fee, going from $17.70 to $21.24 for the first ERU, and from $15.39 to $18.46 for each additional ERU for multifamily property. 
Information Available Here (page 113)

City of Sarasota is considering a 4.59% increase to its millage rate, bringing it to 3.4971.
Information Available Here

City of Temple Terrace is considering a 7.35% increase of its millage rate, bringing it to 6.555 Mills.
Information Available Here