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Tell HUD You Support Their Disparate Impact Rule

Posted By: Eric Garduño Advocacy News ,

The U.S. Supreme Court decision of Texas Department of Housing and Community Affaris vs. The Inclusive Communities Project, decided in 2015, resulted in clearer guidance for applying disparate impact in housing.  Disparate impact is the legal theory that rules and policies that are not discriminatory on their face can nonetheless be a violation of the Fair Housing Act if their application results in "disparate impact" on protected classes. 

Earlier this year the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued a proposed rule that would bring their policies more in line with the Supreme Court ruling.  The National Apartment Association (NAA) and others are submitting comments in support of this proposed rule.  They have asked that all our members do the same.

NAA has provided an easy online form to support this proposed HUD rule.  Simply go to NAA's Advocacy Alert grassroots link, and fill out the form at the right side of the screen with your name, email, and address.  Once you do this, hit "Send Message" and then you are done!

Comments are due this Friday, October 18, so please get yours right away.