Tampa City Council Avoids Moratorium, Moves to Limit Density

Posted By: Eric Garduño Advocacy News , Industry News ,
Comprehensive Plan Amendments to Reduce FAR Use Move Forward

On April 1, 2021, the Tampa City Council discontinued efforts around a moratorium for multifamily in South Tampa, South of Gandy Blvd, and voted unanimously to move forward with the process to consider a Comprehensive Plan Amendment that would limit the use of Floor Area Ratio calculations to increase density for single-use multifamily in areas zoned as Urban Mixed Use 60 (UMU-60), Community Mixed Use 35 (CMU-35), and Community Commercial 35 (CC-35).  The underlying maximum density for these zoned areas may continue to be applied, and FAR may continue to be used for mixed use multifamily development.  

City staff will come back to City Council with an ordinance to change the Comprehensive Plan in the next City Council Meeting and will begin a process to take further public comment on the proposed amendment.  The proposed Comprehensive Plan amendment will be effective June 1, 2021, to give developers who may be in the process of requesting rezoning changes that utilized the FAR to complete and submit their applications. 

City staff made clear that they are moving forward with review of FAR in mixed use multifamily as part of a larger effort to update the City’s Comprehensive Plan and will likely bring suggested changes/limitations to the City Council in the coming months. 

If you are impacted by this specific change, or could be impacted by future changes around FAR application in mixed-use development, please contact Government Affairs Director Eric Garduno at