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Webinar Recording and Materials - Saint Pete Housing Authority

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Webinar Recording and Materials 
New Incentives and First Bi-annual Meeting with St. Pete Housing Authority

On Wednesday, December 9, 2020, BAAA hosted our first bi-annual meeting with the St. Pete Housing Authority (SPHA).  The meeting was focused on the new incentives program offering one-time $400 or $600 bonuses (depending on location) to encourage new units to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV, i.e., Section 8) program.  The conversation also covered several other important topics for properties working with the SPHA.  Key items discussed and their respective points in the recording are:

  • New incentives program to provide a one-time bonus if a rental unit is new to the HCV program (starting at 1:02 in the recording)
  • SPHA's new move-in compliance form (starting at 14:50 in the recording)
  • An overview of the voucher sheet HCV participants receive (starting at 21:30 in the recording)
  • The process for requesting rental rate increases for currently participating units (starting at 35:30 in the recording)
  • Allowing move-ins without inspections, bi-annual inspections, and conducting inspections of units in advance of having a voucher holder (starting at 41:10 in the recording)

The webinar featured Larry Gonzalez, Housing Choice Voucher Officer and who has been serving unofficially as the chief landlord liaison for SPHA.  Copies of handouts covered in the webinar are available below.  If you have additional questions on items discussed in the webinar or other aspects of SPHA's work, you can reach Larry Gonzalez at (727) 323-3171, or via email at 

SPHA Incentives Program Flyer

SPHA Incentives Program FAQ

SPHA Move-In Compliance Form

SPHA Sample Voucher Sheet

SPHA Rent Increase Request Form

SPHA Pre-Inspection Request Form