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Sadowski Housing Funds – Call to Action

Posted By: Robert Griffiths (deleted) Advocacy News ,

There is a real need for affordable housing in our state. You may seeing new apartment communities being built all over Tampa Bay as well as our southern counties, but many of these new apartment homes are class “A” type properties with very high rental rates.

Residents are paying increasingly higher percentages of their income for their monthly rent. Many of these residents live in communities built 30 to 40 years ago and are seeing their rents going higher and higher. They are feeling the pressure of these increasing financial burdens and obligations and are having difficulty paying these higher rents.

Many of the new apartment communities currently under construction are paying higher land costs, impact fees, mobility fee in addition to higher permit fees. All this adds up to costing new residents higher rents than they can afford due to the lack of enough work force affordable housing in the marketplace.

This is a national problem, not just an isolated local or regional issue. We need to ask our legislators to stop diverting the Sadowski Trust Fund dollars away from the owners who want to build affordable housing projects that working families need at rents that they can afford to pay.

The Sadowski Funds are “re-directed” every year away from this needed housing and spent on state Operating Fund projects. You can help. Take a few minutes to read #StopTheSweeps and then send any photos of any of your communities that have benefitted from state and local housing funds.

This is an opportunity to create a win-win solution to a problem that is not going to get better unless we restore the Sadowski Trust Fund and put these needed dollars back to work for our states working families that want a clean and safe place to call home.

Please e-mail your photos to Ben Toro-Spears at Thank You.