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Recording and Materials - Introduction to the Tampa Housing Authority

Posted By: Eric Garduño Advocacy News , Industry News ,
Webinar Recording and Materials - Introduction to the Tampa Housing Authority

On April 8, BAAA hosted the webinar "Introduction to Working with the Tampa Housing Authority.”  This webinar featured Tampa Housing Authority officials Margaret Jones, Director of Assisted Housing, and Janice Justiniano, Assistant Director of Assisted Housing.  The webinar covered content similar to what is typically available in the new landlord seminars that the Tampa Housing Authority regularly organizes and gave participants an understanding of the different processes and requirements when working with Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) recipients.  A recording of the webinar is available below.

Below are additional materials and links discussed during the presentation.

  • POWERPOINT: A copy of the powerpoint presentation used during the webinar is AVAILABLE HERE.

  • LANDLORD GUIDE: Tampa Housing Authority has provided landlords the Housing Choice Voucher Landlord Guide. This is a detailed guidebook for landlords working with Tampa Housing Authority and the Housing Choice Voucher program.  A copy of the guidebook is AVAILABLE HERE

  • PAYMENT STANDARDS: Note that the HUD payment standards listed at the end of the guidebook above have since been updated. Current HUD payment standards are AVAILABLE HERE.

  • RENT CALCULATOR: Tampa Housing Authority provides a Rent Calculator for landlords to use to determine if the rents charged are within the range of rent that the Housing Authority can meet.  To use the calculator, a landord will need to provide infomration on the rent amount, utilies included, and voucher size.  The Rent Calculator is AVAILABLE HERE.

  • HOUSING AUTHORITY REGISTRATION: As a first step to working with the Tampa Housing Authority, landlords must complete a landlord application. To access the application, you must register on the Tampa Housing Authority Web Portal. You can REGISTER ON THE PORTAL HERE. A guide on using the Portal is AVAILABLE HERE.

  • CGI REGISTRTION Tampa Housing Authority contracts with an organization called CGI to perform the HQS inspection that is required before a resident can move in to a unit.  After a landlord has applied/registered with Tampa Housing Authority, the landlord can use that information to register with CGI. You can REGISTER ON THE CGI PORTAL HERE

  • MORE LANDLORD RESOURCES: For additional information provided by Tampa Housing Authority on how landlords can work with the Housing Choice Voucher program, please visit THA’s LANDLORD SECTION 8 PAGE