Prop tax provision clears House committees

Posted By: Kevin Schwartz Advocacy News ,

Legislation that would permanently prevent radical increases in property taxes was approved by the House Commerce Committee 24-2 last week and is on its way to the full House.

HJR 21, sponsored by Rep. Colleen Burton, R-Lakeland, proposes a constitutional amendment that caps annual property tax increases on nonhomestead property at 10 percent.

The Senate companion (SJR 76) needs to pass two more committees before it is ready to be heard by the full upper chamber.

Rep. Rick Roth, R- Loxahatchee, who voted against the measure, advocated for a lower rate increase cap.

“I don’t understand why we had so many people in the audience waive in support who represent business communities,” Roth said during debate. “The idea of a ten percent tax increase every year… thankfully we haven’t had that for the past seven or eight years.”

“Who picked 10 percent? Isn’t the TRIM [Truth in Millage Notice] 3 percent?” he continued.