Polk Eviction Diversion Program

Posted By: Eric Garduño COVID Rental Assistance ,

Polk County has launched its new Emergency Rental Assistance Program, titled “COVID-19 Eviction Prevention Program.”  The program will provide up to $7,000 of a resident’s past due rent that will be paid directly to property managers.

The program is property manager driven.  To participate in th eprogram, property managers MUST initiate an application for their apartment communities, and then subsequently add application materials for qualifying residents at the community who are seeking assistance.  The County will be lookin gto property managers to collect and upload resident application materials under the apartment community's application.  As of now, the County is asking property managers to initiate their part of the application process by March 1st to be considered for the program.

You can start the landlord application process by going to the Eviction Prevention Program’s page at https://www.polk-county.net/covid-19/eviction-prevention-program, and navigating to the Apply Now button.  The link will take you to the County’s Neighborly web portal and you will have to register in the portal.

Note that to participate in the program, landlords will be required to do the following

  • withdraw any currently filed eviction action against the tenants
  • release residents from any obligation to pay rent above the $7,000 maximum payment
  • not initiate legal eviction filing on the resident for non-payment of rent for 30 days after receiving from payment Polk County
  • not increase any participating resident’s household rent through April 30, 2021

For residents to qualify, household income must be below 80% Area Median Income (AMI), which is $47,050 for a family of four.  For the full AMI chart and additional information regarding landlord and resident eligibility, please view this INFORMATION SHEET on the program or visit the County’s Eviction Prevent Program page.

The County is providing a helpline for property managers if they have questions about this process, 863-519-1000. The helpline will be staffed Monday through Friday, 9AM to 4PM.