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Pasco Planning Commission Approves Multifamily Moratorium

Posted By: Eric Garduño Advocacy News , Industry News ,
Planning Commission Approval Moves Measures to Board of County Commissioners

On April 1, 2021, the Pasco County Planning Commission approved two proposed ordinances intended to limited multifamily development in the County.

The first ordinance establishes a six-month moratorium “on the submission and acceptance of applications for conditional uses, rezonings, and comprehensive plan amendments proposing to increase multi-family entitlements” within a designated are of the County roughly bordered by State Road 52, US 41, State Road 54, and Bruce B. Downs (see map below).  The stated objective of the ordinance is to provide County staff time to research and gather data that the Board of County Commissioners will use “to accurately calculate and determine the true potential for the over saturation of multi-family dwelling units within the moratorium area.”  County staff were directed by the BOCC to gather the following information:

  • the current quantity of multi-family dwelling unit and entitlements
  • the current acreage of land zoned for multi-family dwelling unit uses, including that acreage having the potential for multi-family dwelling units upon approval of a conditional use
  • the potential number of multi-family dwelling units available through existing land use equivalency matrices

The Planning Commission made a small amendment to the ordinance requiring County staff to also gather vacancy rates, which was not part of the BOCC’s directions to staff.  The effective date of the ordinance is set at April 1, 2021, which means if the ordinance is ultimately approved by the BOCC, its effect would be retroactive to any applications submitted on April 1 or later.  The Planning Commission adopted the ordinance by a vote of 4-to-1.

The second ordinance amends the land development code to remove single use multifamily from conditional uses within the C-2 General Commercial district and would be a permanent change that applies County wide. Responding to Planning Commission concerns, County staff proposed that the ordinance incorporate three exceptions:

  • Affordable Housing as defined in Section 420.0004 of Florida Statutes;
  • Vertically integrated mixed use (ground floor commercial, office, or other non-residential use); or
  • Located within the West Market Area as defined in the Comprehensive Plan.

Ultimately the Planning Commission adopted the ordinance with the exceptions proposed by County staff by unanimous vote.

We expect that both ordinances will be before the Board of County Commissions for adoption on April 20th for first reading and May 4th for the second reading.  If you are impacted by these ordinances and/or if you would like to be part of the advocacy efforts related to these matters, please contact Government Affairs Director Eric Garduno at

Moratorium Map