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Recording and Materials

New Notice Requirements for Property Managers in St. Pete Zoom Information Session

The City of St. Petersburg has recently adopted new notice requirements that property managers must give to their residents, including notice of late fees, notice of legal rights, and a notice of demolition.  Enforcement of these new requirements will begin on September 1, 2020.  BAAA hosted an information webinar to discuss these new notice requirements featuring Mr. James Corbett, Director of Codes Compliance Assistance for the City of St. Petersburg.  The session also included Ayiesha Beverly, Senior Staff Attorney for NAA's National Lease Program who discussed related changes made to the Florida Click and Lease Library. 

Materials/Resources Available:

Contact Information:

Mr. James Corbet
Director, Codes Compliance Assistance, City of St. Petersburg

Ms. Ayiesha Beverly
Senior Staff Attorney, National Lease Program, National Apartment Association

Correction to Information in the Webinar: 

During the webinar it was communicated that housing providers who have entered leases with residents on or after February 8, 2020 would now need to provide those residents a copy of the Required Notice of Rights in Housing.  After the webinar, City of St. Petersburg staff have clarified that landlords are not required to provide residents this notice in any rental agreement until September 1, 2020, and landlords are only required to provide this notice going forward from that date for all leases and renewal leases.  In other words, there is no legal requirement for landlords to provide this notice to existing residents who have signed leases prior to September 1, 2020.

The recording below has been edited to remove incorrect information.