NALP is now CALP

Posted By: Krystal Humphrey Education,

NALP ➜ CALP beginning June 2021

Current and new credential holders begin to make the switch to the Certified Apartment Leasing Professional designation!

If you need assistance switching your NALP badge to the new CALP badge, email


• Using technology to generate traffic
• Measuring and managing your community’s
• Inspecting the leasing center, tour route, model
units, and vacant apartments
• Researching the competition and building
relationships with competitors
• Compiling a comprehensive community
resource tool
• Creating effective marketing plans
• Relationship sales processes and evaluating your
personal sales performance
• Evaluating a prospect’s commitment level and
overcoming objections
• Preparing prospects for the next steps in the
rental process

• Applying fair housing law and communicating
rental criteria
• Qualifying prospective residents according to
rental policy
• Preparing and reviewing leases with new residents
• Move-in processes
• Responding to resident issues and maintenance
• Building relationships with residents and creating
a sense of community
• Reporting incidents, maintaining documentation,
and taking corrective action
• Maximizing revenue and operational efficiency
• Securing and processing lease renewals
• Conducting a market survey

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