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NAA Units Magazine - July 2017

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For baseball managers, the amount of real-time data available during a game is both exhilarating and insane. Pitch total, location and speed. Curveball, fastball or change-up. On batted balls, we’re shown the ball’s exit velocity, distance and launch angle. Spray charts are made to cumulatively account for where any and every batter hit the ball on each of his at-bats. Deciphering this info all but eliminates gut instincts.


For property managers, they face similar stressful workplace-information overloads. All these on-demand data about rents, occupancy, move-ins and revenue and expense ratios are helpful--if not critical--but at what point does having them and acting upon them (and sharing them with investors, supervisors and their reports) drive them crazy?


Find out how professionals are handling this scenario in “Technology: A Balancing Act.”