NAA Units Magazine - December 2018

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December 2018

The job market has never been stronger — including the apartment industry. Candidates looking for a change (or promotion) have plenty of opportunities. Regardless of the state of the economy, it seems that maintenance technicians are in highest demand. Talk about bargaining power! See “Today’s Employees: Going, Going, Gone.” During my professional life, there have been times when really any job would do. People ask me, “Have you been doing units Magazine forever?” It seems like it, but only since 2002. I’ve had plenty of odd side jobs: Loading packages onto UPS trucks, copying UPC codes off the back of grocery store products — I even was a high school substitute teacher. Maybe I should have looked into a maintenance career … I’m hardly cut out for that. I don’t even know how to replace a toilet flapper.

Paul Bergeron
Editor-in-Chief of units Magazine