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Make your Voice Heard – It’s Time to Speak Out.

Posted By: Robert Griffiths (deleted) Advocacy News ,

BAAA will begin the month of February by participating in the annual FAA Legislative Conference and meeting with our elected legislators in Tallahassee in preparation for the opening of this year’s Legislative session in March. FAA's 2019 legislative priorities include:

• Support Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund and the passage of Senate Bill 70.

• Support the passage of legislation to prohibit mandatory inclusionary zoning practices.

• Support the passage of legislation to reduce emotional support animal fraud and abuse.

• Support the passage of Senate Bill 144 to clarify the impact fee process.

No sooner than we complete the FAA meetings and spending time with our Florida House and Senate Members, we’ll be off to Washington March 5 - 6 for the NAA Advocate Conference.

As I write this article, Washington has temporarily returned to work on a short term basis, pending resolution of the on again – off again Government shutdown.

The shutdown has impacted many Federal employees who are multifamily renters and the financial drain and the strain of income loss and uncertainty is being felt by both residents and owners. Additionally, residents who live on properties and receive rental assistance through various HUD programs are faced with having to pay the full rent without the vouchers they depend on to supplement their income. If this situation continues long term, owners may have no alternative other than eviction.

It is very important that BAAA members take a strong message to Washington and share the concerns facing our industry with our elected leaders. No one is better qualified to share the problems our on-site managers, suppliers and owners deal with on a daily basis. BAAA is one of the largest NAA affiliates in Florida – we represent residents from all income levels and ages. We need to speak on behalf of our residents and make our voices heard about this year’s legislative priorities:

The affordable housing crisis is escalating in every community, there has to be a means to correlate public private coalitions to develop new ways to provide building, renovation and re-purposing of new and existing structures that meet the needs of current and future residents who can afford to rent clean, reasonably priced housing.

NAA’s legislative priorities this year include:

• Transforming the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program to maximize its impact for residents and increase participation by private owners.

• Removing barriers to new housing creation through infrastructure incentives for local governments.

• Protecting existing rental housing stock through reform and re-authorization of the National Flood Insurance Program.

Invest in your own future. Plan to attend the 2019 Advocate Conference. Make your Voice heard.