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Legendary Leasing

Posted By: Krystal Humphrey Virtual Learning Library ,

Legendary Leasing

Speaker: Jennifer Christy, Manager of People Development, CARROLL Management

Originally recorded: Tuesday, March 9, 10:00 am-11:00 am 


Become a Leasing Legend!

Leasing guru Jennifer Christy has tips & tricks for all!

Leas • ing (verb)

to grant the temporary possession or use of (lands, tenements, etc.) to another, usually for compensation at a fixed rate; let.

Now that you know the technical meaning of leasing, come learn with us what it really means to lease. Jennifer will cover topics like: product knowledge, phone/email skills, closing techniques, technology tools, and news ways to tour in the age of covid. Bring your questions! We'll conclude with a live Q&A session.