Largo Poised For Return To Impact Fees

Advocacy News ,

If you own property and are considering a multi-family project in the city of Largo, plan on making an appearance at town hall on Tuesday.

City commissioners will consider on (Sept. 6) a plan to bring back an impact fee on multi-family development that has been under moratorium for four years. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in city hall, 201 Highland Ave, NE, Largo, FL 33770.

The old fee was $2,726 per apartment unit -- a combination of a park land and facilities fee that the city wants to bring back as one fee at a base rate of about 3 percent less, or $2,637 per unit based on a consultant's study. But in order to balance the desire for some level of continued development and funding the city's continued appetite to add to its 19 parks over 640 acres, staff is recommending the adoption of the fee at a percentage that would effectively cost $857 per unit for permits pulled in 2017.

Then it would start going up, but any commission could alter the fee based on results. Largo did attract a number of multi-family projects during the four-year moratorium.

The fee would also be charged on other residential forms of construction. The fee would start with permits pulled after Jan. 1, 2017.

Here is a link to a City of Largo PowerPoint and City of Largo staff report on the issue. Also, a recent Tampa Bay Newspapers Weekly article. Send the commissioners an email here. Please copy