Industry Alphabet Soup

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Alphabet Soup - Groups and industry terms to know!

  • ASSOCIATES COUNCIL - Voice of the Supplier Members at the local association level (BAAA)

  • FAA - Florida Apartment Association - State level apartment assocation

  • NAA - National Apartment Association - National level apartment association

  • NAA SUPPLIERS COUNCIL - Voice of the Supplier Members at the national association level (NAA)

  • FSC - Florida Suppliers Council - Voice of the Supplier Members at the state assocation level (FAA)

  • IRO - Independent Rental Owner 

  • NAAEI - National Apartment Assocation Education Institute, the education arm of NAA that administers credential courses and continuing education.

  • CAM - Certfied Apartment Manager Credential 

  • CAMT - Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technicians Credential

  • CAS - Certified Apartment Supplier Credential

  • CAPS - Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor Credential

  • NALP - National Apartment Leasing Professional Credential

  • IROP - Independent Rental Owner Program

  • APAC/PAC - Apartment Political Action Committee - The advocacy arm dedicated to preserving and advancing its members’ interests through political advocacy at the state and local government levels. 

  • NMHC - National Mulifamily Husing Council

  • PHMA (MHLI) The Military Housing and Lodging Institute

  • NAMHA - Northeastern Affordable Housing Management Association

  • SAHMA - Southeastern Affordable Housing Management Association