Homeless Leadership Alliance - Housing Navigation Program

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On Tuesday, August 24, BAAA hosted a webinar featuring the Homeless Leadership Alliance (HLA) of Pinellas County and the introduction of their Housing Navigation Program.  HLA staff, including Alex Strieder, David Adkins, Victoria Kelly, and Heather Nix walked through the program, highlighting landlord incentives attached to it.  Below is a recording of this webinar.  A copy of the presentation used during the program is AVAILABLE HERE.

You can contact any of the HLA team below if you are interested in partnering on this program:

Alex Strieder

David Adkins                                

Heather Nix                          


In order to respond to the housing needs of families and individuals at risk of becoming
homeless, the Homeless Leadership Alliance (HLA) of Pinellas County has established the
Housing Navigation Program. Most participants currently have housing and have economic
means to support themselves. This program provides specialized assistance to participating
households to find them new housing options because their current housing will soon end. 

Through the Housing Navigation Program, HLA provides housing counseling to participating
households to ensure they can meet any new financial obligations of a lease. That said, some of
the households participating in the Housing Navigation Program have past evictions or other
blemishes on their record. To help prospective landlords balance this risk, HLA is offering
landlord incentives for each household in the program. These incentives include:

  • HLA will cover the household’s first and last month’s rent
  • HLA will provide funding for a security deposit. Security deposits are typically 1 months’
    rent, but can be higher, depending on the challenges in finding housing for the household.
  • HLA can provide a one-time bonus payment to landlords, however applicability and amount
    will vary depending on the amount of funds used to provide a security deposit.
  • HLA staff will provide landlord intervention assistance, in the event any out-of-the-ordinary
    issues arise with the household.

The Housing Navigation Program has over 30 households who are ready for immediate move-in.
To help facilitate this, participating property managers are asked to be ready to discuss the
following items: 1) current and upcoming vacancies, 2) unit sizes and amenities, 3) asking rent,
and 4) resident selection criteria (income, policy on past evictions, criminal history). An
inspection will be performed by HLA staff of any unit that is offered, usually within a day or
two, or at the landlord’s earliest convenience.

This program has already helped over 70 households and dozens of landlords find each other.
You too could be part of this great program and know that you are playing an integral role not
only in helping households take charge of their lives, but also in making your community a better
place to live.

The Housing Navigation Program is just one program implemented by HLA and its non-profit
partners in Pinellas County. Stay tuned for future information sessions focused on some of these
other programs.