Hillsborough County Updates ERAP to Include Late Fees, Prospective Rent

Posted By: Eric Garduño COVID Rental Assistance ,
Hillsborough County continues to offer rental and utility assistance to eligible residents experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID emergency through their R3 Emegency Rental Assistance Program. The program provides up to 12 months of rental assistance, with no dollar cap. Additionally, after discussions with BAAA members, the County has made some important changes to the program, which include:
  • Up to Three Months Prospective Rent: In addition to the 12 months of assistance to address rent in arrears, the R3 program now can pay up to 3 months of future rent to residents who apply for assistance.  Note, if the resident has previously received assistance and that assistance covered any future rent, then the 3 months maximum future rent will be reduced accordingly. 

  • Covering all Fees in the Lease: If the fee is listed on the lease verifying the tenant’s obligation and amount, and the fee is listed on the ledger as still due, then it is eligible for the R3 program to cover. This can include late fees and a variety of other fees that are past due and are expressly included in the lease. 

  • BAAA Property Manager Outreach: BAAA is using data furnished by Hillsborough County to identify BAAA members who need to provide documentation to complete a resident’s R3 application. Often times Hillsborough County doesn’t have complete and/or correct contact information for properties, and so Government Affairs Director Eric Garduño is reaching out to BAAA members to alert them to the County’s request for information and connecting them to County staff to address the issue.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Government Affairs Director Eric Garduno at GAD@baaahq.org.