Help Keep Pasco Impact Fees Reasonable

Posted By: Robert Griffiths (deleted) Advocacy News , Industry News ,

Pasco County wants you to pay $5000 in new fees on your new home! This also affects apartments and townhomes.

Click here to say "Enough is Enough! Keep Pasco Impact Fees Reasonable!"

What fees are you talking about?

Impact fees.  Pasco County wants to more than double the impact fees on your new home.  This fee is in addition to the higher taxes you pay the day you move into your new home. New home buyers are paying much more than buyers of existing homes and now you will pay $5,000 more!!!

What are impact fees?

Impact fees are taxes charged on new construction.  They are designed to offset the “impact” new neighborhoods and developments have on the community. The fee penalizes residents who choose to buy a new home. Impact fees are a tax on growth and Pasco County already has some of the highest impact fees in the country.

What is the current impact fee?

For single family homes the current impact fee is $4,876.  The Pasco County Commission wants to more than double this number to $10,197.

I live in an apartment will impact fees affect me?

Yes! Impact fees will affect you too.  The Pasco County Commission is also proposing to raise impact fees on apartment buildings and townhouses.  The current proposal is between $4,106 to $6,265.  Ultimately these fees will increase the amount you pay in rent.

What can I do to help?

We need citizens of Pasco County to tell the County Commissioners to be reasonable. We all agree that growing communities need revenue for local services, but an overly aggressive fee system will strip money from your pockets and set Pasco County back. Let’s work together to build a better tomorrow for Pasco County. 

Click on the link above to send an email directly to your Pasco County Commissioners.