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FREE Visto Crisis and Risk Management Courses

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“VISTO” is offering FREE Crisis and Risk Management courses for those in TEXAS and FLORIDA!

In response to Harvey and Irma, NAA’s new training site “VISTO” is offering FREE Crisis and Risk Management courses for those in Texas and Florida! In addition, for a limited time. Check their NEW courses and GET 20% OFF – just be sure to use discount code NEWVISTO20 when you check out for 20% off anything in the store!

Crisis Management 2-Emergency Preparedness:

Crisis Management 3-Response:

Risk Management 2-Protecting People:

Risk Management 3-Protecting Property:

LOGIN to VISTO requires an NAA ID#:
USER: your NAA ID #
PASSWORD: your last name in lower case.
If you forgot your User ID# or password you can retrieve it at: and click “Retrieve”

If you DO NOT have an NAA login, create one at:

- CREATING AN NAA ACCOUNT - TIP: Never use a work email…jobs change! Create your account (or update the email) to a “PERSONAL” email so that you are always able to access it.

- YOUR NAA ACCOUNT - TIP: If you have an NAA account, NEVER create a new one! If you are unable to access it, please contact NAA at 703-518- 6141. Your NAA credential records are attached to your account and you don’t want them lost!

Download Instructions