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Fire code language accepts daily trash service

Posted By: Kevin Schwartz Advocacy News ,

Fire code language that would expressly allow so-called valet trash service in apartment corridors advanced last week during the Florida Fire Code Advisory Council Triennial Fire Code Rule Workshop held at the Florida State Fire College in Ocala.

Currently, the door-step waste service is not contemplated in the international and state fire code, and some local fire marshals in fact believe the service is actually banned by the code. A recent declaratory statement from the state Fire Marshal's Office responding to a dispute in the town of Clermont supports that view, so the industry and its apartment partners have sought language since last year to be adopted in the three-year fire code cycle that starts in 2018.

The language, which will now be heard in June hearings of other amendments that made it past the council, would have to be approved by the Florida Legislature in it's next session and would sunset in 2021 if not otherwise amended or supported in the next code development cycle.

The language would set maximum container size, type, distance they could set from each other, maximum time waste can be stored in corridors and breezeways and would require property management companies to have written policies to support resident compliance.

Despite the regulatory requirements, it would finally clarify for local fire marshals that the service is legal under the code -- at least in Florida.