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FAA Legislative Conference

Posted By: Robert Griffiths (deleted) Advocacy News ,

We are nearing the time for our annual trip to Tallahassee for the FAA Legislative Conference on January 30 and 31. Our 2018 priority issues at this time are expanding the Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund, SB 268 (civil suit re: housing discrimination), and the 10% Assessment Cap on Non-Homestead Properties.

We go to Tallahassee year after year, and get great support from our BAAA vendors/suppliers, but never seem to have enough property members attending. We meet with the elected officials from our districts in Florida, and/or their aides. These issues are very important to the multi-family industry — our visits are met with open mindedness and help our Representatives better understand our housing related needs and why we are asking for them to vote in our favor.

These visits can change our industry for the better — that’s why we need to support the FAA Legislative Conference and bring more BAAA multi-family property management and on-site professionals who can address the impact that proposed legislation can have on affordable housing in our state.

The Sadowski Affordable Housing Act was adopted in 1992 and is funded by a document Stamp Tax on properties sold during the year. Approximately 30% goes to SAIL (State Apartment Incentive Loan program) and other programs. Over $200 million appropriated to housing in 2016-17 had $116 million swept by the Legislators to go to other things in their budget. We need to ask our Legislators not to raid the funds from the Sadowski Act Trust Fund. This money is needed to help build new affordable apartments or to renovate existing apartments to keep up with the demand for senior, low income and accessible apartments.

SB 268 has to do with housing discrimination allegations under the Florida Fair Housing Act which raises legal questions about allowing civil suits to be filed before a Fair Housing complaint is filed.

The 10% Non-Homestead Assessment Cap was approved in 2008, to cap the amount property taxes could increase each year. The cap expires in 2019 — we need to pass Amendment 2 on the November 6, 2018 ballot.

Amendment 2 will permanently cap the increase the assessment at 10%. If Amendment 2 doesn’t pass, property owners could be subjected to increased taxes by 30%–50%, or higher. This could be financially devastating to multi-family owners and investors.

Please consider learning more about these issues, then plan to “Get on the Bus” to Tallahassee in January to support the BAAA team of property management and supplier/vendors members who will meet with our elected officials. As more information is available, other issues will be posted on the BAAA website at