Enforcement of Hillsborough's Tenant Bill of Rights Begins

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Enforcement of Hillsborough County’s Tenant Bill of Rights ordinance begins today, July 1, 2021. 
In March, the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners adopted the Tenant Bill of Rights. The ordinance applies to properties in unincorporated Hillsborough County and requires landlords to provide a notice of rights to applicants and residents, a late fee notice to residents, and elevates source of income to a protected class, requiring landlords to consider all covered legal sources of income when evaluating prospective residents, including housing choice vouchers (Section 8).
Over the last few months, different informational resources have been made available to educate BAAA members on the requirements of the ordinance. We have collected many of these resources for you in the below list.

Webinar with Attorney Michael Williams
On June 29, BAAA organized a webinar on the Tenant Bill of Rights with apartment law attorney Michael Williams. Mr. Williams reviewed the requirements of the ordinance and answered questions of audience members. A copy of the webinar is available below.
Ordinance/Notice of Rights
A copy of the Tenant Bill of Rights ordinance is AVAILABLE HERE
The County has specified the contents of the Notice of Rights that landlords must provide applicants and residents. 
A copy of the Notice of Rights in English is AVAILABLE HERE
A copy of the Notice of Rights in Spanish is AVAILABLE HERE.
County Guidance
Hillsborough County organized two webinars and has provided a series of Q&A regarding the ordinance on their website. This guidance is AVAILABLE HERE.
Additionally, the County has provided answers to a series of questions that BAAA posed. This additional guidance is AVAILABLE HERE.
NAA Click and Lease
For those using the National Apartment Association’s Click and Lease, the Lease was updated earlier this year to include the Notice of Rights is your lease forms, titled “Hillsborough County Required Notice of Rental Housing Rights and Resources.” The Late Fee Notice is available as a form in the Notice Forms section of your print menu and is titled “Hillsborough County Required Notice Regarding Late Fees.”
Regarding applications, for the time being users will need to upload a PDF of the Notice of Rights in the Property Terms & Conditions in the NAA Rental Application. That disclosure will then show in the Terms and Conditions on the applicant’s side in the Rental Wizard (see below image). The user will have to select “I agree” in order to continue with the application. Also note that NAA is working on an update that will allow county specific applications, which will then incorporate the Notice of Rights into the NAA application.
Image of NAA Lease Screens
Also note that NAA is working on an update that will allow county specific applications, which will then incorporate the Notice of Rights into the NAA application. 
Determining if a Property is in Unincorporated Hillsborough
The requirements of the ordinance apply to properties in unincorporated Hillsborough County. To determine if your property is located in unincorporated Hillsborough County, you can use the Hillsborough County Property Appraiser's website, AVAILABLE HERE.
Once on the site, type in your address. In the search results, select the applicable property. In the information provided, you will find a list that includes "Tax District". If it says "U UNINCORPORATED" then the ordinance applies to that property (see below example).  
Image of Property Appraiser Page
Tampa Housing Authority
BAAA organized a webinar introduction to working with the Tampa Housing Authority, who administers Housing Choice Vouchers, and as collected a variety of resources for properties includin how to register with the Housing Authority. These resources are AVAILABLE HERE
We hope you find these resources useful. Please send any questions you may have to Government Affairs Director Eric Garduno at