Change at the State and National Levels

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Many things will be changing in our state with the election of a new Governor and Senator representing our state in Washington, DC in the coming year. New faces will be in evidence in the House of Representatives at both the state and national levels. It’s never too early to start planning for both the upcoming FAA and NAA Legislative meetings and Hill visits during the first quarter of the New Year.

With the holidays upon us and the new year just around the corner, there are many things to distract us from our government affairs activities and the task of getting to know where our newly elected and returning legislators stand in reference to our Association and the needs of our members and the multi-family industry. I hope you will take a little time to go to the BAAA website at and click on the Advocacy tab – then use the Find your Legislator tool to contact the elected officials who will be representing you in the coming year.

You can send an email about any issues or concerns you have or to find out what issues your legislator’s is supporting and to share the concerns of the rental multifamily industry and to ask for their support.

Please look for new legislation that might impact our industry and let BAAA’s Government Affairs Committee know so BAAA’s leadership can evaluate what effect positively or negatively the proposed legislation could have on our owners, management companies, members and residents.

We should begin now to prepare for the upcoming FAA Legislative Day trip to Tallahassee on February 4th and 5th (see flyer on page 7) to meet with our legislators and to talk to them about our issues and how we can work together to create affordable housing, job opportunities and economic growth for our state. BAAA needs the support from our owners, big and small, onsite property staff, regional VP’s and supplier members and share the message that we are committed to providing clean safe housing for the residents of our state. Please put the FAA Legislative Conference on your calendar and plan to attend and participate in shaping the future of the growing number of Floridians who choose to rent and enjoy the life style our industry offers.

Best wishes for a peaceful and safe holiday and productive New Year from the entire Bay Area Apartment Association Government Activities team. Please feel free to email or call the BAAA office at 813-882-0222.

Please see page 12 for a brief recap of the twelve constitutional amendments that were determined as a result of the midterm elections in November. All but one measure, Amendment 1, were approved.

In 2018, two citizen initiated constitutional amendments—the Voter Approval of Casino Gambling Initiative and the Voting Rights Restoration for Felons Initiative—were certified for the ballot. Both were approved.

The Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) referred eight constitutional amendments to the ballot, combining multiple proposals in some of the amendments. Amendment 8 was blocked from appearing on the ballot. The seven remaining measures referred by the CRC were approved.

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