Gold Medallion Awards - Nominations Close 12/14

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You will automatically establish an account when you create an entry application for the first time. This is the account you will use to submit all nominations. All submission forms, file uploads and payment fees will be handled through this site. After creating an entry application, you may begin working on your forms and uploading the required files. You can save your work as you go and return to the site as often as needed, but not after finalizing and submitting the entry. All submission materials and entry fee payments must be completed and submitted by the submission deadline. Use the button below or copy and paste into your browser to begin.


Important Reminders
  • All information will be used as entered on the website gallery and for publicationPlease be thorough and consistent in completing your field entries and double-check for spelling errors.
  • Use N/A or other appropriate text in mandatory fields if there is no info or it's not pertinent to your submission.
  • The call for nominations will extend until 11:59pm on December 14th. At that time, the nomination portal will close.
  • Program Administrator: Krystal Ferm, Director of Events & Sponsorships,
Tips for Creating Strong Awards Entries
  • Include details: the smallest pieces of information can strengthen an entry.
  • Let the images help tell the story your narrative provides. 
  • Renovations, restorations, additions and conversions should present “before” and “after” photographs. For projects involving changes to existing structures, documentation of original conditions is highly recommended. 


►  What happens if I exceed the file limit?  You will be asked to reduce the size of the file and resubmit your upload.
Free image resizing: Free PDF resizing:

►  How will I know my submission has been received?  Upon submitting your entry, you will receive a confirmation e-mail message containing your submission details.

►  What should I do if I did not receive a confirmation e-mail containing my submission details?  First, check your junk mail folder - the most likely problem is that your spam filter sent the e-mail there.  If you don't find it in your junk mail folder, please contact the program's administrator.

►  Do I have to start and finish my submission in one session?  No. You can start your submission and come back to finish it before the applicable program deadline (December 14th) by 11:59pm EDT.

►  Can I revise my submission after I've hit the "Save and Finalize" button?  Yes, but you must contact the program's administrator to request access to make changes through the portal.

►  Can we submit a few days late?  No. In the interest of fairness to all participants, no late entries will be accepted.

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