Black History Month

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February is designated as Black History Month-

A time to recognize the experiences and accomplishments of the Black community.

With that said...

DID YOU KNOW? The first all-black city to be incorporated in Florida, was Eatonville, Florida?

"Eatonville was established in 1887 after being settled two decades after the Civil War ended by former slaves.
Located six miles north of Orlando, the town was first named Maitland and got its start when former slave, Joseph C. Clarke, along with northern philanthropist Lewis Lawrence, bought over a hundred acres of land from Josiah Eaton, one of the few white landowners willing to sell to African Americans.
They then parceled the acres to black families from the surrounding area of central Florida. On the fifteenth of August, 1887, the town was officially incorporated when twenty-seven registered black voters indicated their intention to create a municipality. They named the town in honor of Josiah Eaton who eventually also served as its mayor."
Black history month honors African American people’s struggles, experiences, and achievements. Celebrating this month reminds us of the contributions and sacrifices made by black men and women. We celebrate you!
- Your team at BAAA