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A CAMT Repair Issue That Surfaced Recently

Posted By: Robert Griffiths (deleted) Advocacy News , Industry News ,

One of BAAA members recently had a problem in Pinellas County. He had purchased and had an A/C company install an entire split system.

After the installation was complete, one of the maintenance techs accidently put a hole in the coil while repairing the drywall around the A/C unit inside.

The resident who lived there was upset and called to report that unauthorized personnel were fixing the A/C unit. The Sheriff ’s office sent a representative to the property. The property manager was trying to explain what had happened and was asked where was the license for the maintenance tech that was repairing the unit.

The manager explained they had a registered CAMT on the property with a Certificate, however, the Sheriff ’s representative threatened to arrest the property manager. Legal Counsel for the property has been consulted. We will update our members on the outcome of the situation.

The Pinellas County Licensing Board has had issues recently that concluded with the decision that until further notice, the Pinellas Sheriff ’s Department will investigate complaints from a licensing problem that are reported.

Please use caution when working under the provisions of Florida Statute 489.103 that went into effect on July 1, 2016 which allows a CAMT with a Certificate to perform only the repairs that are detailed in the legislation. You can find a copy of F.S. 489.103 on the BAAA website here

-Robert Griffiths
BAAA Government Affairs Director