Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


First, know whether you are joining as an Apartment Community, Property Management Company, Supplier Partner, or Student. From our Member Information Page click to join as your correct member type. 

*Memberships are company-based, so if your company is already a member, so are you! Create your account under your name and choose your company affiliation. 

Member Information and Create Account

If your company is an existing member, you'll need to create an account for yourself under your company profile. To do so, click here to create your account.

Enter your first and last name, your company email address, and create a password. On the next page, you can choose your company name from the drop-down list, and add all of your basic profile information.

You can also view our how-to video here for additional instructions.

As a new member, a great place to start is with one of our networking events. Browse our events calendar at the link below and see what events are coming up.

Member meetups are always a good option for new members!

If you are looking to deepen your association involvement, you can join one of BAAA's committees. For more information on committee service, see the question below on committee involvement.

Events Committees

If you still have questions about getting involved, please reach out to our membership director, Bonnie Gibson.

Committees will open for recruitment in the fall of the year prior to the committee service. You can browse our committees, and fill out our form from our committees page.


You can find them on our Supplier Directory, here!

Supplier Directory

You can view our upcoming events, educational opportunities, and website advertising in our Budget & Planning Guide, and view upcoming events on our events page, both linked below.

Budget & Planning Guide    Events Calendar

If you'd like more information on sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to our Director of Programs, Krystal Humphrey.

To download your CEC Report, ensure you are logged in to your member compass, navigate to "my events", click "continuing education report", select your date range, and click "download."

Credentials are all managed through the National Apartment Association (NAA). When it time for your renewal, NAA should email you an invoice and request to submit your Continuing Education Credits (CEC). Depending on which credential you hold, renewal fees and CEC requirements very. See below:

CAM & CAPS: annual $100 renewal; 8 CECs
CAMT: lifetime credential with no renewal or CEC requirement
CALP: annual $50 renewal; 5 CECs
CAS: annual $100 renewal; 5 CECs


Membership dues are billed in November each year and are due no later than January 31st of the membership year.

While you do pay Blue Moon directly for the usage fee, membership with your local apartment association is required to be able to use the lease. This is why you receive a separate invoice from BAAA.

You can see your open invoices in your member compass from the dashboard by clicking "Account History", or to pay your total balance owed, click "Pay Balance". If you are a manager, regional, or account executive with management access, you will be able to see all open invoices for your company or property. If you are currently in one of these positions and need to have management access instated, please reach out to

BAAA accepts checks, credit cards, and ACH. For onsite event payments, we accept cash, check, credit card, and Apple Pay.

You can view your receipts on your member compass by clicking "Account History". Or, if you have just paid an invoice, you should receive the receipt via email shortly after payment. If you are still unable to find your receipt, please email for a copy.

You can find our W9 through your member compass, by clicking the button for "BAAA W9". It is also included in each invoice. If you are unable to access your member compass or do not have a BAAA login, please email for a copy of our W9.