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  1. Enroll through the National Apartment Association (NAA) website. To do this, please visit, and select your desired designation (in this case, CAM or CAS and be sure to select the Bay Area Apartment Association). The Credential Enrollment Tutorial will guide you through the process of creating an account and enrolling in a program.

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Instructor: Jimmy Chestnut

Financials Pre-Classwork

What’s needed to complete this task: your income statement for class. **if you do not have access to one, please let me know.

For everyone:  Use your CAM ebook, Creekwood Case Study, and income statement to identify the following definitions and figures: The CAM definition of GPR, GPI, TRR, EGI, NOI. What name does your community/company use for GPR, GPI, TRR, EGI, NOI?

Group 1 – Give 3 ways that your community can lose potential revenue.
Group 2
 – Give at least two examples of a cost-benefit analysis on your property. 

Group 3 – Complete the Part I Unit Information section of the exercise on page 46 of the Creekwood case study.

Industry Essentials Pre-Classwork

What’s needed to complete this task: website

Visit and visit the Apartment Calculator page (upper right) and fill in the parameters according to your community using the metro area. Save the PDF of the Economic Impact Report of your community.

Send pre-classwork to


Instructor: Jennifer Christy

Marketing Pre-Classwork

What’s needed to complete these tasks: Property Marketing Participant Guide, Property Marketing PowerPoint Presentation

For everyone: use your Property Marketing Participant Guide and go to page 14. Review the 5P’s checklist and rate your community (or your product/service if taking CAS) in each of the 5P’s:

Group 1 - What do you wish your competition would really tell you? Is it physical occupancy? Is it specials? Something else?

Group 2 - Thinking about your competition, list 3 ways that they beat you.

Group 3 - Review pages 33-34 in your Marketing Participant guide. List 3 examples of market segmentation.

Resident Experience Pre-Classwork

For everyone: You will need the Resident Experience Participant guide, Creekwood Study, and the Resident Experience PowerPoint.

Group 1, 2 - View the “Ultimate Question” video Give 1-2 examples of bad profits and 1-2 examples of good profits.

Group 3 - Review “New Resident Orientation” on slide #46 & 47. Review pages 26 & 27 in the Participant Guide and based on the case study, offer 2 unique additions to a new Creekwood resident move-in packet.

Send pre-classwork to


Instructor: Lori Krull 

Property Maintenance Pre-Classwork

What’s needed to complete these tasks:
- Property Maintenance Participant Guide, Property Maintenance PowerPoint PresentationCreekwood Case Study
- Link to CAM videos:

For everyone: use your Property Maintenance PowerPoint Presentation and go to slide #7- “Property Maintenance – Purpose.” Rank the bulleted items in order of importance to you.

Group 1- use your Property Maintenance PowerPoint Presentation and go to slide #47- “Hiring a Maintenance Supervisor” and turn to page 39 in your Participant Handbook. Pick one candidate and note two strengths and two weaknesses they possess for the position.

Group 2 - use your Property Maintenance PowerPoint Presentation and go to slides #23-26- “Set Maintenance Up for Success” and review each list. List one activity that you are especially sure to make happen on your community.

Group 3 - use your Property Maintenance PowerPoint Presentation and go to slide #31-“Take a Service Request Order” .” Using the provided scenarios, put together a list of questions CAMs should be asking when someone calls with a service request to be sure that the request is as specific as possible.

Human Resources Pre-Classwork

Instructor: Lori Agudo HR Management System HR Management System Society of Human Resource Management HR Management System Employee Engagement Surveys & training Employee Recognition Products

Download Blank Development Plan

Download Lawful vs Unlawful Interview Questions

For everyone: use your CAM e-book and Trim Tab Video. Everyone will complete both assignments.

Assignment 1– Watch the Trim Tab video and describe how your current job description can become a Trim Tab. 

Assignment 2 – Part 1: Define the components of a SMART Goal    Part 2: Create a SMART Goal

Send pre-classwork to


Instructor: Victoria Cowart, CPM

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Legal/Risk Management Pre-Classwork

For everyone: use your CAM Risk Management Participant guide and Risk Management PowerPoint. Everyone will complete both assignments.

Assignment 1– This is a group activity, so get with your groups and discuss the best tips for getting residents to attend safety meetings. Send in your top 5 answers.

Assignment 2- Review slide #96 and identify what high-risk areas you have in your community. (For suppliers, think about what risks there are at an apartment community) Send in 3 risks for the interior and 3 risks for the exterior.

CAM Study & Reference Materials

CAM Reference Guide

CAM Knowledge Checks Summary

CAM Financial Calculations

CAM Financial Calculations Answer Key

Practice Application Skill Checks

Practice Application Skill Checks Answer Key

CAM Glossary     CAM Skill Standards

CAM Quick Reference - Financial Terms and Formulas 

CAM Videos from Presentation

Exam Sample Questions

Math Review

Creekwood Budget Activity Worksheet Answers

CAM Exam Prep

CAM Practice Test 

Practice Test Answer Key

CAM Test Prep Webinars

Your Candidate Handbook answers almost all questions!
Extensions: 2 extensions; 6 months each; fee $75

CAM Exam: 185 questions; 4 hours; $100 retake fee
Renewal: Annual; fee $100; 6 CECs; $50 reinstatement fee

CAS Exam: 100 questions; 2 hours; $60 retake fee
Renewal: Annual; fee $100; 3 CECs; $50 reinstatement fee