2023 Budget & Planning Guide


Welcome to the BAAA Member Budget and Planning Guide!  We know you are always looking for ways to best prepare for your future budgeting. We hope that the information here can help you with planning your investment in BAAA programs and events for 2023.  Please note, we will be updating this page as the BAAA calendar and offerings evolve for 2023, so pricing and scheduled dates are all subject to change. Be sure to check the BAAA Calendar for the most current information.



As a reminder, renewal dues invoices will be emailed out in November 2022 with a due date of January 1st, 2023. Dues received after March 31st will be subject to a $50 reinstatement fee. Note:  Florida/NAA/Blue Moon lease users are required to maintain membership in good standing in order to access the lease.
Community Membership Investment

Our board and staff have worked hard to overhaul the way that our dues for Community Members are calculated.  To calculate your annual dues payment, you simply need to multiply the number of units in your community by the unit price found below. New members will be charged a $20 application fee.

For example, if you have 250 units your dues would be:  250 x $3.70 = $925.00 



0-49 Units
$175 (flat fee)
50-299 Units
$3.70 per unit
300-749 Units
$3.55 per unit
750 + Units
$3.30 per unit

Don't forget about the voluntary $35 Advance the Industry contribution 
that will be included in your renewal invoice. This contribution benefits our advocacy efforts at the local, state, and federal levels. Through our government affairs efforts, we have saved our members millions of dollars, and the Advance the Industry fund will help us continue to fight onerous legislation.

Property Management Company Membership Investment

2023 Property Management Company Dues are only $115 per company, including the $35 voluntary Advance the Industry contribution. New members will be charged a $20 application fee. This allows everyone at the corporate level for your company to receive BAAA membership benefits!

Supplier Partner Membership Investment
2023 Supplier Renewal Dues are $520 per company, including the $35 voluntary Advance the Industry contribution. New members will be charged a $20 application fee.

Prorated Membership Dues

If your community or company joined after January 1st, your dues invoice for following year will be prorated based on the number of days remaining in the period of your membership.  Since a full year's worth of dues were paid when joining, you will receive a prorated dues invoice in November for the following year.

For example, if you joined on March 31st, 2022, your 2023 dues would be priced based on April 1st - December 31st.


BayPass Education Subscription Program:


 One price per community or company unlocks access for all team members directly working for the BayPass subscribing company. This includes unlimited, FREE qualifying webinars, in-person seminars, or live cast seminars. Plus, subscribers receive a 10% discount on member pricing for all certifications (EPA, CPO, R410, etc.) and $100 off designations (CAM, CAPS, CAMT, CAS, HCCP) if taken through BAAA. Additionally, subscribers have exclusive and unlimited access to the Virtual Learning Library, which is home to our archive of previously recorded topics like Fair Housing, Legal, Landlord Tenant, Leasing & Marketing, and more.

The cost of a single seminar can pay for one month of unlimited education for your whole team. What are you waiting for?

  • $75 per month (Community Members)
  • $50 per month (Supplier Members)
  • $750 annual payment billed with dues 
    17% discount if paid with your membership dues!


Education, Certification, and Designations:

Priced per person. We are regularly adding new opportunities, so visit our education calendar for the most updated information. 

Course Title BayPass Price Payment Price Invoice Price Non-Member Price

Seminars & Hybrid Programs

FREE Half Day: $59
Full Day: $99
Half Day:$69
Full Day: $109

Webinar Courses

FREE $29 $39 $79+

Certifications (EPA, CPO, R410, etc.)*

EPA: $160
CPO: $299
EPA: $179
CPO: $319
EPA: $199
CPO: $349
EPA: $379
CPO: $499
Certified Apartment Portfolio
Supervisor (CAPS)*
$1,350 $1,450 $1,500 $2,000
Certified Apartment
Manager (CAM)*
$925 $1,025 $1,125 $1,425
Certificate for Apartment
Maintenance Technician (CAMT)*
$850 $950 $1,050 $1,350
Certified Apartment Leasing
Professional (CALP, formerly NALP)*
$349 $449 $549 $849
Certified Apartment
Supplier (CAS)*
$575 $675 $775 $1,075
Housing Credit Certified
Professional (HCCP)*
$599 $699 $799 $1,099

*Subject to eligibility requirements. To learn more about eligibility, course dates, and prerequisites, visit the Certificates & Designations Page.



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Our 2023 Events Calendar is being updated continually.  The following dates, times, and pricing are subject to change and are provided solely for the baseline of budgeting purposes.  Visit our Events Calendar for updated information.


Please note: prices are reflected with members-only discounts. 

Month Major Event  Certification  Other Education Networking
January Maintenance Appreciation ($55+) HCCP Light up the Night ($69+)
February Spikes for Tykes
Volleyball Tournament ($55+)

CPO; Landlord-Tenant

Supplier Breakfast ($55+)
March Rescheduled to May CAMT Appliance Repair
April Annual Trade Show
(Mgmt: $15+, Suppliers: $950+)

EPA 608


Pars for PAC Fundraiser ($65+) 
Sarasota Sunset Cruise ($55+)

CALP Regional Manager Roundtable; HVAC from A-Z
June Lunch or Dinner Meeting ($55+) CPO

Business Exchange
(Suppliers: $195; Mgmt: Free)

Landlord-Tenant Summer Outing

Education Expo ($79+)

CAPS Appliance Repair
 September  PACNIC Fundraiser ($55+) CAM & CAS
October TopGolf Outing ($125+) CAMT CPO Supplier Breakfast ($55+)
November Gold Medallion Awards ($135+) EPA
December Landlord-Tenant

Holiday Open House (free!)

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Partner with BAAA!  Upgrade your membership to include advertising with BAAA or embark on a partnership through program, event, or class sponsorship that will help your business grow!  We have opportunities for almost every budget size.  To explore the many ways to leave your imprint, visit one of the links below.  

Virtual Opportunities

Event Sponsorships

Website Advertising

Every virtual event includes a $99 sponsorship to keep your company top of mind. Visit with attendees, play a video, engage in the chat. Registration is in each event.

Most programs, including education, have partnership connections that include a visit by sponsors and much more! Registration is in each event. View the calendar to see what's available. Check back as we're updating often.

NEW! See your ad placed on BAAA's website.
Choose from multiple locations for the best fit and highest visibility. Also available: Advertise quarterly in BAAA's weekly general and e-blasts sent to all members. Learn more by clicking the link below. 


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