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Orientation Recap Notes 8/12/22
  • Attached are your Shop Forms. Please shop a property in person, via phone, and via website before the first day of class. We recommend choosing a community not in your immediate area so they do not recognize you.
  • If you have access to your market survey, please bring it with you!
  • You will be receiving an invitation to access your ebook shortly. It often goes to spam so please be on the lookout for an email with a subject similar to Your Course Materials Are Now Ready. Let me know ASAP if you do not have this email by Monday.
  • We STRONGLY recommend printing each module and bringing the printed sections to class. We will be taking notes often!
  • It is understood that reading the material is required. This is how you will pass your exam. After all, the test questions come from the ebook!
  • Expect to have a fun, interactive class! This will be a great group learning experience for us all.
  • The exam is online. It is 120 multiple choice questions and is 2 hours. We will schedule a day approximately1 month after class to come together again and take our exams. More on that soon.
  • The dress code for the first day: dress to impress, wear the uniform or outfit you would normally at your community. After the first day, we are all dressing super casual and comfy!
  • What to bring: your printed ebook, note taking materials, a sweater. BAAA will provide drinks, snacks, and lunch. Feel free to bring anything to personally consume. 
  • My cell is 813-815-2531. Call or text me if you need anything. We want to be sure everyone has accessed their ebook prior to the first day of class.
  • Location: The Pointe Conference Room, 2502 N Rocky Point Dr, Tampa, FL 33607
  • Parking instructions: Park in the parking garage in any non-reserved spot and either come across the walk through bridge or go up the stairs to the second level where the lobby is located. Take your first left down the hallway, we are the glass room on the right.
  • For your convenience and to avoid numerous emails, the CALP Student Hub page has been created and will have all announcements, classwork, and study resources. Please bookmark this page:

What to complete after the first day of class
  1. Enroll in CALP through the National Apartment Association (NAA) website. To do this, please visit, and select your desired designation (in this case, CALP)

  2. Download your eBook on Friday, August 19th. You can access your eBook through the Active Reader app (compatible with Windows and Mac OS) or through the web at

    • You should receive an email on the 19th from ViaTech (app developer) with instructions on how to access your Active Reader bookshelves and utilize reader functions. If you do not receive the email, simply use the link above, select Forgot Password and enter the email address associated with this course to gain access.

August 23rd

Bringing in New Residents

Marketing and Maintaining your Community

Why Your Competition Matters

August 24th

Relevant Laws and How to Apply Them

The Sales Process and Building Relationships

August 25th

Effectively Meeting the Needs of Current Residents

Market Analysis for Leasing Professionals

August 26th

Half Day Review Session

Instructor Information

John Sons, CALP
NAAEI Faculty Member
NAA Leadership Lyceum
Burlington Capital, Properties
Director of Training & Marketing Strategies

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Your Candidate Handbook answers almost all questions!

CALP Test Prep Webinars

Email for the next upcoming session!

120 questions and 2 hours long
$50 retake fee if failed

CALP Renewal
Annual renewal with $50 fee
5 CECs required to stay active
$50 reinstatement fee if inactive

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